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Don’t Ever Let Anyone Crush Your Spirit! The Business Owner Mindset Is What Will Define You!

Many of you have lived in the employee mindset most of your working life. What you really need to do is clear your minds, clean out your old ways, and transition to the business owner mindset. Make a conscious decision that you want to be a business owner.

I was forced into my decision to be a business owner. As an employee, working in the same job for many years, teaching others to do what I have learned was extremely satisfying. But as an employee, I realized I was only training my replacement. If I had been a business owner all those years, I would have been creating duplication and wealth!

What does a business owner mindset, as opposed to the employee mindset, look like? Let me give you a few examples:

• The Business Owner Mindset understands that the purpose of business is to make money. The goal is to generate income! After all, income and freedom is what you want. Whereas the employee mindset is limited to the narrow view that working overtime to impress the Boss, earn some extra overtime, or extra vacation days is the key to success.

• The Business Owner Mindset individual thinks for themselves. Allowing others to think for you is the employee mindset; and furthermore, the employee will only perform what they are paid to do – no more and no less.

• In the Business Owner Mindset, creating the proper system that produces the results of success is your aim. The employee mindset believes they don’t have to think about systems, it’s already done for them.

• In the Business Owner Mindset, understanding strategy and implementing that strategy into your business practices is essential. In the mindset of an employee is to follow a strategy in place and rarely understand that strategy.

• The Business Owner Mindset is open to multiple streams of income with multiple business strategies. The employee mindset believes that if they just work their job all their life, they will retire wealthy.

Now that I’ve given you some examples of the differences between a Business Owner Mindset and an Employee Mindset, I’m sure you would agree that the Business Owner Mindset is the more attractive of the two. In saying that, let me give you a few pointers on how to achieve the Business Owner Mindset.

• To begin, have a clear vision of your business, and commit your vision to paper. In other words “Ink It”. Plan your work and then work your plan. Setting a clear outcome will keep you focused on your goals. No one will tell you what time to show up or how long you have to stay. There’s no “duties” list to follow, make your own!

• As a business owner you are in charge and performing without limits is your goal. Think about this. What do you want your business to look like? Have a mindset of preeminence. Marketing yourself is your number one goal. Do whatever it takes to build your business, with proper ethics; and then teach others to do the same. Once you have determined your goals and direction, then you can duplicate it by training others to do the same.

• Be more strategic about your business activity. Take action. Work on your business, not just in it. A proper system allows automation and creates time for you to do more in the same amount of time. I once read that the only difference between you and a wealthy person is what you do with your time. During your idle time are you watching some unimportant TV show or just being lazy? Don’t get me wrong we all need relaxing time to clear our minds, but wait until after your system is in place and working for you. Then you will have the income to enjoy your time.

• A consumer purchasing your product on a regular basis is your goal. The strategy of creating a loyal customer base is only done by the ease of transferring your product for money. Creating a plan is your strategy. Working the plan is your implantation. Tracking the results for needed changes and adjusting your plan is the ongoing strategy and implementation. This is what is done by successful business owners. A good strategist has a business mindset. Stay Focused on Your Goal.

• While your marketing plan is in operation always encourage and respond to feedback. This will be your indicators that your strategy is on track or indicate if a swift change of plan is needed. Every battle is an indicator of whether you’re winning the war. Additionally, if your marketing plan is systematic in attraction, you can use it to market any product. Know what your customer wants or desires, and then quickly create a plan to fill the void.

• Understand your emotional ties to your business. Take Responsibility for Your Results. It is all your risk and your reward now. While controlling your risk, focus on your reward. Psychological studies suggest that your mind works on bringing into reality whatever you are focused on the most. Have you heard “what can be done in 90 days consistently becomes habit”? This is why it’s important to be clear and concise what goals you are aiming for.

• You know that the days of a retaining one job all your life is in the past. The days of a company “taking care” of you we all know is dead. Many of today’s companies will replace you for someone younger and less expensive as you get over qualified or even older. You just lost the control you thought you had of your future.

Being your own boss entails a lot of responsibility, but it provides a very attractive sense of freedom. An additional reward of starting your own business – and it is a big one – is the great satisfaction of accomplishment that comes with having built an enterprise from your hopes and dreams, and then teaching others on how to do the same.

Things to Consider When Starting a Home Based Business

Up until only recently in modern times, has technology come to the point where independent business ventures are not relegated exclusively to brick-and-mortar establishments. Through the advent of the Internet, and the subsequent connectivity it has given to us and the rest of the world, starting a home based business is actually much easier online than in the real world.

Whether you decide to sell a product that is specific to a certain demographic, or a line of products designed to appeal to a large and vast audience, the start up and maintenance costs of online home based business ventures are minuscule compared to their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Don’t quit your day job….yet

There are many factors that you should consider and plan for before starting a home based business. First and foremost would have to be whether or not this is going to be your primary source of income. If you already have an established profession and a stable job, quitting that job should be seen as an end goal of the business’s success, and not its first step.

Besides, remaining at your regular job while building your own business at home is an excellent motivator to work as hard as possible on that business venture. But imagine the satisfaction you have counting down those days when you can finally resign your post as an employee of someone else

Other considerations

You should also consider your home office and its functionality before setting forth on your new venture. You will want a reliable computer that is preferably less than a year old and is connected to a dedicated broadband Internet connection. You do not want to begin an online business venture using a dial-up Internet service, this will frustrate your clientele in impede your efforts to stay on top of ever-changing factors inherent in online businesses.

Another thing that will need to be addressed before you begin is the amount of time that you will invest in your newly formed business. Most people fall into the trap of going completely gung ho for the first few weeks, only to meet with the first little bit of success, and then burn out. This is probably why the majority of businesses fail just after their initial launch. So you should pace yourself as far as time and energy, and expect that success will always begin as a slow trickle.

Your business is an expression of you!

When starting a home based business, you want to make sure that you are passionate about the product or service that you wish to provide. It would be best if it was something that you are interested in for a very long time. Because that proud feeling of independence you have when you do meet with some success will be that much sweeter if it was achieved while doing something that you loved.

Starting a home based business is for many, the first step in a long and adventurous road of personal and financial independence. There is nothing better than being your own boss despite the ups and downs that you will experience along the way. Just make sure to pace yourself and your efforts, and your success will be forthcoming.